Best Electric Smoker 2018 Reviews | Buying Guide & Comparison

What Is The Best Electric Smoker?

Looking for the best electric smoker? Then you have to start reading everything about smokers. Electric Smoker is one of the best versatile cooking systems that let you cook variety of dishes right from your fingertips. It uses automatic temperature control system to manage the heat of your cooking. Traditional smokers such as charcoal and gas system produce too much smoke that could be a problem for some of you. Whereas Electric Smoker is easy to use equipment that doesn’t require many efforts such as buying the charcoal, long time to smoke and many other. Some people think that Charcoal is the ultimate one because they give the best smoke and delicious taste to the chicken. I would say that both of them are ideal choice, it all depends on your priority. Read below most loved electric smoker reviews & all about smokers before buy anywhere.

Best Electric SmokersTop-Rated 5 Digital Electric Smoker Reviews

Masterbuilt 40 Electric Smoker – Under 400

Masterbuilt 20070311 is a 40-Inch flagship product of Masterbuilt Company. This is one of the most advanced Electric Meat Smoker made up with high tech features and specification. With this system, you will get a digital glass window and a RF remote control system.


  • Cooking Capacity: 100 lbs Food
  • Height: 40.2 Inches
  • Width: 25 Inches
  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • Wheels: 4
  • Handle Availability: Yes
  • Heating Element: 1200 watt
  • Wood Chips Loading System: Yes
  • Internal light on / off program
  • Removable water pan, big wood chip tray, and drip pan

electric smoker reviewsFeatures

Cooking Area: The product has huge amount of cooking space of approximately 975 sq. inches. And it is extremely large enough to cook the meat for your complete family and relatives.

Design & Quality: One thing that make a product successful among its competitors is the design and “How it works”. Masterbuilt 40 has 4 chrome based cooking racks made with very simple design solid enough to keep heavy meat on them.

Portability: Masterbuilt has provided four set of wheels and solid handle. They are your transportation friend, when you want to take the unit from place to another.

Easy to Use: If a product is easy to use and convenient as per your need, it becomes a part of our life. To use Masterbuilt 40 you do not have to be pro. Even if you have not used any grill or smoker before, you will find it easy to operate.


  • The advance thermostat digital temperature control system lets you manage the heat inside the system.
  • Process of loading the wood chips is very easy. Plus it has handle and wheels that makes moving easy.


  • You will find it little difficult to clean because of bigger size.
  • The Smoker takes a bit more time to get heat up. But that is what the Electric Smoker is for, they take times to smoke your food with delicious taste.


Whether you are a beginner or pro; you won’t have any difficulty using Masterbuilt 40.. All you have to do is plug in the system, put some wood chips, set the temperature and wait for the food to get read. As the smoker will do its job meanwhile you can enjoy talking with your friends.

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Camp Chef PG24 Deluxe Pellet Grill & Smoker BBQ – Under 600

Cam Chef PG24 is an outdoor electric smoker manufactured by Cam Chef Company. Once you start using this system you will find that it is the best smoker for beginner. The unit comes with a digital temperature control system which lets you cook your food from 160 F up to 500 F degree.


  • Product Type: Pellet Grill with BBQ Electric Smoker
  • Hopper Capacity: 18 lbs
  • Product has Ash Cleanout System
  • Rating : 4.5 star out of 5 ( on Amazon )
  • Cooking Variations: Smoke, Grill, Bake and Roast
  • Power Failure Restart: Yes
  • Built in Digital Temperature Control System

top rated electric smokers on the marketFeatures

Cooking Area: They have provided 570 square inches of cooking area in this unit. It has abundance of space that allows you to cook so much meat, smoked salmon fish and etc.

Design & Quality: Camp Chef PG24 is an electric smoker grills mean you can use it as both Electric Smoker and Grill. Whether you want to smoke, bake, roast or grill; all can be done in this machine.

Portability: With two wheels and a handle this unit becomes easier to transport to any location. They help you carry the product to your friend’s home or neighborhood.

Easy to Use: The moment you set up the system you can start the cooking right away. Within few minutes it will be ready to start smoking the meat.


  • Like I mentioned earlier Camp Chef PG24 is an electric bbq smoker as well as a pellet grills. This multi functionality makes it different from other smokers available in the market
  • The product has an Ash Cleanout System which makes it simple for you to clean out the ash.


  • There will be minimal smoke in the initial use of the product. But once you are used to of the product the smoker will be better.
  • Takes a bit more time to heat up when cooking on the low temperature.


With this system, you have the advantage of doing different styles of cooking such as: grilling, smoking, barbequing, roasting and etc. This makes it a beneficial deal for you as it lets you try pretty much all the tastes that you can’t do with other grills or smokers.

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Masterbuilt 30 Electric Smoker – Under 200

A 30 Inch Electric Smoker manufactured by Masterbuilt fulfill all your outdoor cooking purpose. The product comes with digital system with no window and the total space available with Masterbuilt 20070910 is 730 sq. inches. You can choose any of three colors from: black, stainless or silver as per your choice.


  • Cooking Area Size: 730 sq. inches
  • Rating : 4.3 star out of 5
  • Outdoor electric smoker with side wood chips box.
  • Product Availability : Yes
  • Food Cooking Capacity: 80 lbs
  • Warranty: 90 days from the date of purchase
  • Digital On / Off System : Yes

best smokers for beginnersFeatures

Cooking Area: We all know that Masterbuilt always comes up with huge amount of space in their Electric Wood Smoker. Though Masterbuilt 30 is a vertical electric smoker and still it has a space of 730 square inches.

Design & Quality: Masterbuilt 30 is a Top Controller digital style Electric Smoker. It has 4 cooking racks where you can put the food to cook.

Portability: This is a portable Electric Digital Smoker. Mean you can take easily take the system outside your home without any hurdle.

Easy to Use: Just like many other Masterbuilt products, it also comes up with an easy to clean process.


  • Whether you have experienced with the Electric Smoker before or not, Masterbuilt 30 makes roasting, baking and all easy for you.
  • The product uses modern day technology with its digital temperature system.


  • The one thing that you find not so good about the product is the cost as it is bit more costly, which is not a big deal when you are looking for a smoker that gives you perfect taste.
  • It takes more time to smoke and produce the heat within the system.


Masterbuilt 30 is a ideal electric bbq smoker you buy get right now. It has all the functionality that you need to prepare the delicious food for your family. The versatility of the product lets you do all different types of cooking which you can’t do better in any other smoker.

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Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker – Under 400

It is a highest quality Digital 4-Rack Smoker manufactured by Bradley. The latest digital temperature system allows you instantly set the temperature of the smoker. The product comes up with 24-Inches wide generator attached to it. It’s the variety of this system that allows you to cook many dishes.


  • Type of Product : Digital Interface Smoker
  • Fully insulated electric smoker
  • Made of: Polished Stainless Steel
  • Color Available : Silver, Black, Stainless
  • Customer Rating: 3.9 out of 5 star
  • Thermostat temperature control system for managing the heat
  • Wood Chip Container: Yes
  • Maximum 8 hours of consistent smoke

digital meat smokers reviews for home useFeatures

Cooking Area: One of the things that make a smoker convenient and easy going is the cooking space. This unit has enough storage space to cook the food for the whole neighborhood.

Design & Quality: Whenever you buy a product you consider the quality and simplicity of its functions. Bradley is standard organization and they use good quality material to manufacture all their smokers.

Portability: Bradley Digital 4-Rack is fantastic outdoor electric smoker that does not give you trouble in portability as well. You take the product outside to your relative home as per your need.

Easy to Clean: You would not have any trouble cleaning the parts of this smoker. But it is good if you clean the system after each use.


  • Professional outdoor cooking: Bradley 4 Racks give the experience that you have been waiting for so long. You don’t have to be pro to understand the function, it’s a simple to use product.
  • The product also has a BBQ smoker.


  • The heat road / grill basically take too long to smoke up the food.
  • You will have to increase the temperature so that the food can be cooked fast. Generally, it happens with most smokers as they take time to smoke.


Under $400 it is the best electric bbq smoker available right now in the market. Because it provided you multiple functionality which you will not get in any other electric smoker within this range – it is a must have deal.

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Smoke Hollow 30 Electric Smoker – Under 200

Smoke Hollow 30 allows you to cook vegetables, meat, fish and other veg and non-veg items. The product doesn’t cost you too much, with just little money you get a digital electronic smoker with adjustable temperature control. This is good smoker for beginner and it doesn’t require prior experience to use it.


  • Cooking Racks: 4
  • Product Type: Electric Smoker
  • Cooking Area: 504 Inches
  • Product Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars
  • Made of: Steel
  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • Multiple temperature control system and adjustable heating element
  • Brand: Smoke Hollow
  • Product Shape: Vertical Electric Smoker
  • 1500 Watt heating element

good stainless steel electric smokers for outdoorsFeatures

Cooking Area: The item measures around 15 by 31 by 17 inches. That is an abundance of space to cooks the food for a lot of people.

Design & Quality: Whenever you consider buying an Electric Smoker it is important to make sure that you are buying a standard quality product. And Smoke Hollow has always been a top-notch player in this market.

Portability: Portability is an important factor when it comes to buying an Electric Smoker. In fact, that is the only primary factor you must consider before purchasing an Electric Smoker.

Easy to Use: You can easily install the product and start using it right away. It doesn’t require much effort to start up the process.


  • Smoke Hollow has multiple temperatures setting option that is a plus for you to set the heat accordingly.
  • This is an inexpensive Electric Smoker that just cost you under $200 which is a pretty good deal in this range.


  • Most of the people who have used this product say that the wood chips take a long time to get hot.
  • You have to keep it high temperature to keep the smoke going on.


Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker is great product that comes with a painted-steel wood chip box. It has 4 cooking racks that provide you huge space for the cooking.

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How To Choose The Best Electric Smoker?

How To Choose The Best Electric Smoker?

Choosing the right kind of electric smoker depends on many factors; unfortunately you can’t just walk up to the store and expect that you are only going to get the ideal smoker system ever. There are things that need to be considering while purchasing it such as whether you want to go for “electric bbq smoker” or “electric smoker grill”, smoke production of the system, cooking space and size, temperature control, heat structure and etc. Prior experience does matter; you would certainly not like to go for a complicated Electric Smoker if you have zero knowledge about the working and process. On the contrary, you would go for something that easy to operate and convenient as per your choice

Who Are Electric Smokers For?

Are you the person who enjoys outdoor cooking more than anything else or you like smoking food with instant control?

Electric Smokers doesn’t usually require pro-skills to use it, they comes with digital temperature control system which helps you in managing the heat and keep the consistent temperature. Most of the people find it difficult to operate traditional charcoal smoker as they require you to have prior knowledge of the product and also you have to handle the mess of charcoal. The perfect high-quality electric smoker is designed for the people who want to instantly have a full control on their cooking machine and who do not want to check their cooking status every single hour.

Electric Smoker Vs Gas Smoker

Before I get into the details of which is better and which is not, first let’s understand “What do you mean by Electric or Gas Smoker?”

Electric Smoker as I have talked about it many times are “set it and forget it” type of outdoor cooking system which doesn’t require you to stay with them every hour to control the smoke. On the other hand, Gas smoker require a bit more efforts to manage and start the whole setup. You have to use the propane gas as a fuel with “Gas Smoker”. But the good thing about Gas Smoker is that you don’t have to worry about losing electricity and spoiling your cooking experience.

Both the system have their own advantages and disadvantages, Electric Smoker gives you the benefit of consistently managing the heat of your cooking whereas Gas Smoker provide you the natural flavor of smoke to the food. When it comes to price; Electric Smoker and Gas Smoker both have similar price. You can get a Char-Boil Vertical Gas Smoker in the range of $174 whereas Masterbuilt 30 Inch Digital Electric Smoker will cost you no less than $200 with accessories.

You Might Consider An Electric Smoker If:

  • You are looking for an Upgrade: If you have been using your traditional propane smoker then the time has come to take your decision to the next level and upgrade your system to latest Electric Smoker. Today, all the BBQ lovers like outdoor cooking, they like smoking variety of food such as chicken, fish, ribs and more. Digital electric smoker comes up with all the advance functionality that helps you achieve this.
  • You Don’t Have Much Storage Space: The second reason you might want to switch or upgrade to the Electric Smoker is when you already don’t have enough cooking space in your traditional cooking system. Space is very important when it comes to outdoor cooking because you would not be using the big machine to cook food for 2-3 people instead the whole family or may be neighborhood. Masterbuilt and Smoke Hollow are few of the best rated companies that built the large electric smoker for everyone from beginner to pro.
  • You Don’t Want to Spend an Arm and a Leg: It feels good when you just have to use a remote system to manage the whole setup from your fingertips. Yes, Electric Smokers are that easy. They don’t require you to put too much physical effort of handling the whole cooking process. Plug in the system, put some wood-chips, set the temperature and there it is, your cooking is started.
  • You Are An Everyday User: Electric smokers are easy to operate machine which helps you do the stuff instantly. If you do regular session of smoking meat, fish or any other food. You definitely would like to consider Electric Smoker a try. Because it is not difficult to start and manage. You are most likely to use it every day.

Types Of Electric Smokers

Types Of Electric Smokers


The two most common types of Electric Smokers are Digital Electric Smoker and Vertical Electric Smoker.

  1. Digital Electric Smoker: Masterbuilt is one of the largest manufacturers of Digital Electric Smoker that makes some of the best Electric Smokers. They come with modern technology based temperature system. The price is usually inexpensive of these products because of which most people prefer them over other.
  2. Vertical Electric Smoker: Char-Broil Vertical Electric Smoker is again the world famous company that built Vertical Design Electric Smoker. Their flagship product is Char-Broil Vertical Electric Smoker that is available in just $114.99 with lots of advance features such as huge cooking area, wood-chip box, and consistent temperature control system.

Which Factors Make a Good Electric Smoker?

  • Smoke Production: Not producing enough smoke or lack of smoke in Electric Smoker is the first reason people make sure that the smoke production must be good in the system. Wood chips are used to produce smoke and there are things you need to be aware before using the wood chips. Such as – woodchips must not be completely dry because this would eventually burn the wood chips. It should be soak a little bit in water.
  • Portability: You are less likely to purchase a smoker which can’t be transport from one location to another. People always look for an Electric Smoker which has wheels or some kind of handle. It is convenient to move the unit with wheels than without the wheels. Most of the products designed by Masterbuilt Company come with built-in wheels with them.
  • Cooking Space & Size: Having abundance of space in your Electric Smoker is of the perfect thing you can do with your outdoor cooking experience. This allows you cook huge amount of food which ultimately doesn’t happen with other cooking systems. 730 sq. inches of cooking area with 4 solid racks are the perfect choice. You can put so much stuff in that area.
  • Design & Product Quality: Believe it or not- design matters! And it matters a lot, especially, when you are looking for product that does exactly what you want. Today, there are several Electric Smokers brands available in the market but it is tough to find out the right one with good looking simple design and the one that works smooth. Smoke Hollow and Masterbuilt Company has become pioneer in this area. They come up with the great, simple to use design and quality that you wouldn’t ignore.
  • Adjustable Grilling Racks: Grilling Racks are the place where you will keep all your meat, fish, cheese or any other food you want to cook. They must be designed in such a way that it fit perfectly within the unit, plus you would not face any difficult taking out the racks to clean it.
  • Temperature Control: An automatic digital temperature control system is what you need in your Electric Smoker. It lets you do all the heat management stuff which you can’t easily do in Gas Smoker or other system.
  • Installed Caveats: This is one of the most important parts within your Electric Smoker. Caveats allow the system to release all the heat and smoke. It is designed in such a way that the internal temperature remains balanced while the process of heat releasing is taking place in the backend.
  • Heat Structure: Electric Smoker is made of various parts such as heating element, controller, grill racks and etc. Heating Structure is an adjusted heating element that works like a heart for your Electric Smoker. To keep the smoker working at a good pace the Heating Structure should be of highest quality which produces enough heat to smoke the meat.
  • Layer Structure: Electric Smoker comes up with multiple layers of steel grill that divide the whole system into many parts. The layer structure has to be solid enough that it can resist the temperature of Electric Smoker.
  • LED Display: Today, almost all the electric smoker comes with by default LED Display control system. This is one of the superior indicators of the temperature, on-off system and other main functions. A good LED Display that is visible even in daylight is the one you need for your Electric Smoker.
  • Remote & Bluetooth Control: Have you used Remote Control System with your Electric Smoker before? If not then do give it a try. A remote control system allows you control the heat, temperature, and other things in your smoker. These days people only prefer the remote controlled Electric Smokers because they give you advantage of instant control over your fingertips.
  • Power Consumption & Power Cord: The power consumption plays an important role when purchasing an Electric Smoker. You certainly would not like to go for a system that consume way too much electricity and put a burden on your budget as well. Masterbuilts products are way better when it comes to power consumption they have the nice power cord and doesn’t consume too much power like other smokers.
  • Easy to clean & Maintenance: Electric Smokers are usually easy to clean than Gas Smokers as you don’t have to worry about charcoal and stuff. You can easily take out racks and use some water to clean the unit after each use. The maintenance and installations are also easy.
  • Addition of Woodchips or Charcoal: With the Electric Smoker, you also get woodchips and its container. They are best fuel to smoke up your meat. But you always have to make sure that the quality of woodchips is good as it adds flavor to your food.
  • Budget: Whenever you consider purchasing any product, you always make sure that the product is in your budget and fulfill your basic needs. If you are a beginner you are more likely to go for an affordable electric smoker that won’t cost you too much or the ones that at least fit with your finance.

How to Get the Best Out of Your Electric Smoker?

  • Know Your Smoker: Before you start cooking the food in your Electric Smoker. You must know few things about it such as: how it works, temperature control, wood chips and etc. If you have some prior experience with outdoor cooking that is a plus. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong just by knowing few of general function of the system. Whether you own a vertical electric smoker or an electric smoker grill; most of the functionality remains the same.
  • Preheat Your Smoker Before Use: Generally, people recommend that you preheat your smoker before putting the meat or any food inside. You also have to be careful while preheating the smoker as the temperature should not be drop as much. You need to put wood chips inside the box, start up the procedure and then you can start grilling the meat.
  • Be Patient and Careful: There are few precautions you should better know before using any outdoor Electric Smoker. First is the kids should not be too close within the area where cooking is being done. Second is, to be patient and calm while operating with the smoker. You don’t have to be in hurry if your smoke is taking time to cook the delicious food. Though, you can better manage the temperature and smoke as per your need.

How To Use Electric Smoker For The First Time?

How To Clean An Electric Smoker?

Make sure you always clean the smoker after each use. Take out all the racks, bowls and clean it properly. The important thing is – emptying the smoker and then starts your cleaning It is a ideal practice because you can make sure everything is neat and clean in your system. If you do not clean the smoker after each use, it will keep on collecting the small residue from the smoke which will later on cause you more efforts to wash off.

Benefits of Using Electric Smoker

  • Easy to control the temperature: Like I said before, Electric Smoker such as Masterbuilt 30 or Camp Chef provided the digital electric temperature control system. This is something you need when you do not want keep your eye on the cooking throughout the time. The remote control system allows you control your smoke heat right from your fingertips. Meanwhile you are cooking meat – you can do your other work as well. The only thing that you have to be doing is managing a consistent temperature to smoke up the tasty food.
  • Safety: Electric smokers are much safer than the Gas or propane smoker but still it is better to make sure your safety in advance. The kids are not allowed to be too close with Electric Smoker. So parents’ supervision is necessary. Along with that, you have to take care about the temperature and heat as well. You need to make sure that the Caveats are working find and box is not producing too much heat. Usually Caveats are installed by default in Electric Smoker that is why, people find it safe to use.
  • Extra cooking capacity: Electric Smokers have more cooking space inside them as compare to the traditional cooking machine. With Electric Smoker, you can cook the food for so many people. Because you get abundance of space it lets you cook multiple types of dishes in each different rack. Such as- meat, fish, turkey or any other food.
  • Better Tasting Food: The woodchips that you see along with Electric Smoker doesn’t only provide the sufficient heat to your system. Instead, it is one of the main reasons of the delicious taste that you get in your chicken when cooking in the Electric Smoker. The wood chips come in different flavors like: Apple, Cherry, Maple, Grape Wine and etc. You can choose whatever the wood chips you want as per your taste and that flavor will come in the food as well.

How Electric Smoker Works?

How Electric Smoker Works -

Electric Smokers are easy to use devices that don’t require pro-skills to set it up. You can use the push button feature that start the smoking the moment you press the button. Then you need to use wood chips which comes in different flavors, after you add the wood chips in Electric Smoker, the cooking will begin.

Stable temperature is needed to produce consistent heat that gives you delicious taste of your food. The temperature control system is something that does most of your controlling tasks such as setting the temperature, time, heat and etc.

Electric Smokers take time to cook the meat, the smoke comes from the heating is what makes your food delicious. And to do that, you need to set the temperature as per the food you are cooking, somewhere around 100 to 275 degree F is the approximate temperature limit you get with the these smokers. Before you start cooking the meat, make sure that you have already preheated the system. Please make sure that you read all the instruction and manuals that comes along with the smoker carefully. So that you check – how much temperature you need to set for a particular dish.

What Recipes You Can Make In Electric Smoker?

  • Turkey: Turkeys are similar to whole chicken. Smoking Turkey is not that difficult as in traditional smoker. Whether you have smoked any turkey before or not, whether you have used any electric smoker or not. You have to try out Turkey at least once. And I would suggest you to not wait for the New Year Eve for this delicious taste. With Electric Smoker you can cook the tasty Turkey meat without having any prior experience.
  • Pulled Pork: Before I get into the details of “Pulled Pork in Electric Smoker” process. Let’s understand “what is a Pulled Pork exactly?” in simple words; Pulled Pork is a way of cooking Pork where you use slow temperature and long time to smoke the Pork. When you smoke the Pulled Pork with Electric Smoker it gives you professional chef cooking experience and super delicious taste to your meat. Because Electric Smoker is slow in processing food, the smoke gets absorb throughout the meat.
  • Ribs: Ribs are basically the part of meat. Whether you want to roast, bake or smoke is your choice. But they are delicious meat you would ever taste in your Electric Smoker. Ribs come from: goats, crocodile, pork and etc.
  • Vegetables: With Electric Smoker, you are not limited to cooking meats only. Instead, you can cook almost all the vegetables as per your choice. Vegetables do not take much time to smoke as compare to meat which takes huge amount of time to smoke. Normally, you can prepare a delicious vegetable dish within 60 minutes with the stable temperature.

FAQs About Electric Smokers

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Smoker has become a lifeline for the regular users. People who like outdoor cooking: grilling, roasting, baking; they all have an Electric or Gas smoker in their house. Some people use it regularly other occasionally. Electric Smoker or any other smoker is not as expensive as it portrayed among the people. You can easily buy a fantastic automatic temperature control Electric smoker within in the range of $180. Masterbuilt and Camp Chef have perfected this art of making the world’s best quality Electric, Propane or Gas smoker. However, it is better to read all the instruction and manuals before buying an Electric Smoker.


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